so I was…

happy to report my nephew is doing well

too tired to think up a bunch of ‘so I was’ this week

relieved when Jason asked me to post the following:

In my last post I added two pics of a conversation on twitter that happened after I had been rained on by steamed milk at a Starbucks.  (See the bottom of the post for a view of the twitter about the incident.)

Anyway, he commented on that entry “Now, I am still also trying to figure out the whole concept of Starbuck’s splashing everybody. I think I need a stick figure diagram of what happened here because it is not sticking.”

So I sent him this

stick figure interpretation of the incident

that’s all I got..
hmmmm maybe it’ll work if I try the pics down here side by side.. let’s see

part 1


part 2

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so I was… — 7 Comments

  1. Hilarious! That stick figure diagram is awesome.

    I said it yesterday but I love the fact that you are smiling in the pic and the dude next to you is pissed off.

    Food & Stuff……what is stuff?

    More serious note: happy to hear about your nephew. Will continue to send thoughts and positive vibes.

    • My sister got all the artistic ability in the family. :-) Food and stuff cause I can’t really look too hard in that displaycase, there is nothing I can have in there.

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