so I was..

wondering what the heck this is!!  I can’t believe I remembered my password

wondering if you remembered when I used to blog, and train, and fall off my bike and we all used to blog and read each other’s blogs and laugh and cry and laugh some more

thinking that since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have basically killed blogging for many of us and I’ve not trained in about a billion years and had way too many failed attempts at a restart, I am going to shut this thing down

hoping to print off a copy of this blog in a book style as a memory/keepsake

asking if anyone knows of such a service

I miss you!

that’s all I got…

so I was…

wondering if anyone would notice a comeback

confessing it’s not really a comeback but I was reading some of my old blogs and kinda miss it

sad because most of the bloggers I know don’t blog anymore, it’s all Facebook and twitter and pinterest and tumblr and a pile of other SM type apps that I can’t figure out

surprised when I posted the ‘temporarily closed sign’ that a few people messaged me, love you guys!

shocked that while on vacation some of my family members said that they read this blog

relieved to remember I don’t put anything crazy up here

still sure that my mom doesn’t read it

stalled, due to financial issues I’ve had to stop any formal coached training, I did that ages ago

missing Sharpie

missing formal ass kickings

missing any kind of training at all

dragging my fat ass to the treadmill

still unsure if this is going to be a regular thing again, we’ll see

leaving you with a pic from my vacation to Punta Cana, I spent nearly 7 days in this very spot, it was bliss

no that's not me

no that’s not me

that’s all I got…

so I was…

the backyard

the backyard

gonna surprise you!!  did it work?

hoping to tell you that work has slowed down but it hasn’t

still trying to get things done, that’s not working

happy happy happy that if nothing else my backyard is finally finished!

lying when I said it was finished, there’s always stuff to do

thinking I need to date a contractor, then a plumber, then a landscaper, possibly a guy that runs a snow plow and then find a sugar daddy

missing my blog reading, I catch up occasionally but I need to do better!!

desperately needing to get my fat ass out the door for a run

and am promising I’m going to do that tomorrow, NOT in the heat (how could you forget how wimpy I am), this is why I have a treadmill silly

still caught up with the Tour de France

missing you all

that’s all I got…

oh but ps – remind me to tell you about how I got stranded in the Toronto storm, that was fun (not so much)

inagardenadena (because PortaBackyarda was taken)

inagardenadena (because PortaBackyarda was taken)

Happy Birthday Hunter

My favourite picture of Hunter

My favourite picture of Hunter

Happy Birthday Hunter, Cheech, titi…  Today you would have been 18 years old and we miss you every single day. We will celebrate all the years we got to have you in our lives.  I always said if I was offered to have you for a short time but have to endure the pain of losing you or not having you at all I’d choose having you every single time.  I feel so lucky that I got to have you in my life and luckier still that I got to be your aunt.

Love Aunt Deenie


work / life balance.. there’s a balance?



Yup I know it’s been ages, and some of you even noticed! Sadly work has been eating my life, well work plus my commute which is life sucking as it is but it’s 3 hours a day I lose of potential time for something. In my last job if I was training for a half it would have been fine, 32 hours a week plus commute still made for loads of time to train.  Sadly with the new job the hours are increasing steadily and I haven’t made a workout in ages.  I had hoped things would slow down but they are getting worse. On the upside, I get paid by the hour. On top of work and commuting, then there’s a house to take care of and all of life’s other stuff. I know there are loads of other people that would be able to pull this off (coughRodneyBryancough) but for me it’s not happening.

So with that said it looks like CP will be pushed to next year. Carole and I have tried lowering my weekly training schedule but even that’s not working and let’s face it, I can’t train for a half 3 days a week. I’ll be working with Carole to look for another goal because I need to do something, just something with less time week to week.

Now if I can’t figure out how to renew the domain for this website even it may go away.  I’m so behind on everything!

that’s all I got…

and wtf… happened… to all my links and my site in general?? !!!

it’s not supposed to happen

eboston-marathon-285x280ver.. to anyone.. and not like this..

The Boston Marathon is supposed to be about triumph and hard work. I listen to so many of my friends talking about wanting to qualify, working HARD to qualify. For all you non-runners, Boston is the Stanley Cup, the Superbowl, or at least it is to me. Each time I heard that someone I knew qualified I could barely contain my excitement, you have to be badass to get there. What happened today was such a tragedy for those that got injured, or worse killed. I know those that made it to the finish line before the bombs went off experienced some joy before they had it ripped from them and their thoughts must have turned to their family and friends. For those that trained for months, some years to get there and not finish because of this tragedy, yes the carnage is horrific and I can’t imagine how I would feel being stopped before the finish line to find out what was happening. Your dream day turns into the most horrific day of your life.

I know of fewer things more fun in my world than standing at or near the finish line of a race screaming your head off for your friends and strangers as they go by, running their race, the payoff for all that hard work. And for those standing there cheering their friends, families and strangers on when those bombs went off..





I’m thinking of everyone in Boston today. I’m so grateful to say that everyone I know that was racing/running/cheering there are all physically fine, I think the emotional scars will last a lifetime. I am absolutely gutted for those that were killed or injured and for their friends and families.

it’s not supposed to happen, it’s supposed to be one of the best days..

if you’ve got some time tomorrow, put on some blue and yellow and if you can, run.. that’s what I’m gonna do


I said the ‘F’ word.. FREEE STUFF

source unknown

source unknown

Yes I did.. I said FREE PRODUCTS!!!!

Joel is having a contest on his blog. I have linked to Joel before, as you know I love his blog and I stalk him regularly on twitter. Very cool dude. I sent him a quick note telling him I was going to post a link to the contest and asked him if he had a few tips for beginners that I could share.  I may not be a beginner anymore and I have watched many people move past the beginner stage but it’s important not to forget those that are just starting out or starting over. He sent me some really great stuff:

One Step At A Time:  Starting out in triathlon – or any activity in general – is all about getting started.  It’s so much easier to say than do, though.  Don’t expect to be able to run a 5 minute mile (or kilometer if you’re reading this from Canada), or ride a bike 30 miles an hour or swim 1500 meters when you’re just starting out. It doesn’t work that way.  Run a mile.  Just one.  If you have to, walk half of that.  Just keep adding a little time or distance or effort and things will get easier. One day. One step. One swim at a time. Build upon each day.

Make it a Habit:  It is so easy to fall into a trap of really loving to do something.  I think we’ve all been there.  For example, we read The Hunger Games, and immediately go out and look for the next two books because they are so awesome.  Exercise and endurance sports can be like a new toy.  We love on it, play with it, sleep with it…and then suddenly, the toy is old and we stop.  The key, in my opinion, to longevity in this sport – and ultimately enhanced enjoyment – is make swimbikerun a habit.  Do something every day.  Or every other day.  Work it into your life plan.  Make it a point to try to get your workouts done at the same time each day.  For some, it’s zero-dark-thirty in the morning.  For others, it’s after work.  Whatever.  Just be consistent in doing it.  Very quickly (I’ve read that it takes about 3 weeks), you’ll become so used to your scheduled workout time that you’ll feel off kilter if you miss a workout.

Be accountable:  I’ve found that this is perhaps the most important thing that I can do for myself to keep me in the flow and marching onward.  It’s critically important that you have someone who will take you out to the woodshed if you start slacking in your workouts or your effort or motivation.  I have a couple of ways….first, I blog.  Secondly, I have a network of friends that I’m constantly talking with.  They hold me accountable.  If you have a coach – your coach will keep you accountable.  Your spouse.  The postal carrier.  Your co-worker.  The random employee at your local Starbucks.  Any of these would be good.  Or….hold yourself accountable.  Put your training plan on your refrigerator so that you can look at it each and every day.

Have a goal:  OK, this may be trite, but it’s really critical to have a goal and work towards that goal.  Your goal could be to do a 5k.  It could be to do an Ironman.  Whatever it is, have a goal, and march doggedly towards that goal.  Then apply the three principles above to that goal.  Using that approach, you’re sure to reach whatever it is you’re after.  Personally, my goal this year is to break 6 hours for a half iron triathlon.  For some folks, doing that is a walk-in-the-park.  For me, it’d be a huge accomplishment.  My entire year is focused on getting myself to a position where I can do that.  You’ve got a goal.  I’m sure of it.  Put that goal out there.  Tell someone about it.  Make them hold you accountable not just for reaching that goal, but for the steps it takes to get there. (I especially loved this one)

Now for the FREE STUFF!!!

This isn’t just any contest, it’s a tournament that relates to all things TRI.  THIS is gonna be fun. And yes Canadians can play too. The prize is a stash of amazing products from SBR Sports – TRISWIM, TRISLIDE and FOGGLE. I wasn’t going to enter because I am sponsored by SBRSports products BUT I want to play even if I can’t win. Honestly I want to play so I could finally be a part of a real team, a team of my peers, my people.


If you have used these products before you’ll want to play along for a chance to win.  If you’ve never tried them then here’s a great chance for you to get some free samples.  Do it!! I’ll wait.

Not convinced? (tough crowd)  In addition to the SBR products the prize pack ALSO includes about $100 of PowerBar products including the new Energy Blend. I have never tried their products so I can’t comment on that but I do hear really good things about them.

Hey where’d ya go??

that’s all I got…

please ignore the following:

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come on take the money and run…

I love this, so true (source unknown)

I love this, so true (source unknown)

I did my business taxes, my accountant filed it, and I already got my assessment back, can you believe that?  Yesterday I had to go to his office to write a whack of cheques to the government for the upcoming year, and write a bunch to catch  up from 2012, I have writer’s cramp! Funny story, I got a notice early last year telling me there was a $235 difference, I ignored it because I thought it was federal taxes and they were getting a cheque from me anyway, it wasn’t, it was HST.  Then I got a second notice, so I wrote the cheque and put it in the envelope and mailed it off..  or so I thought…

When I was going through all my papers getting ready for taxes this year I found that envelope, UNMAILED so they nailed me on my assessment.  The bill is now $565.31..  How much interest is that?  Yeah, real funny story right?

The time change has helped me immensely.  Staying light out til 7:00ish pm in the evenings is great and I find when I get home I’m not dreading workouts as much.  Not sure why it’s easier to get them in if I know it will still be light out when I’m done. Having said that the training itself may kill me.  I even had a ‘moment’ on Sunday.  I got up with the intention of running in the morning before my appointment but as my ass was on the couch drinking yummy coffee I started to find other things to do rather than run. Grocery shop, clean the house, why is it that whenever I have a training session scheduled cleaning the house always seems like a better option?  Anyway I had even gotten so far as to put my street clothes on and my boots intent to go to the grocery store when I stopped myself. Get it done NOW, you can shop on the way home from the accountant, so I marched back upstairs, changed, and did my run. Putting aside the fact that it may have been my worst run ever I finished. Then the rest of the day I didn’t have to worry about getting it done and I enjoyed all my errands. Go figure, why can’t THAT stay at the forefront of my mind?

I have today off(ish).  I will have to work for several hours but I’m putting THAT off til later (boo) and since I told Sharpie I had a day off and I had more time available she put in a long session for me. I deserve it, after my horrible Jan/Feb it’ll be good for me right? But my ass still hasn’t recovered from Saturday’s long ride.

But if I was feeling bad about today’s session I looked at my weekend.  Are you effing kidding me?  Girl is trying to KILL ME!

So I’ll allow myself til 10:30 and then I get started.

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